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Dog Work Fields and Birds Available

Starting Tuesday, September 1st

Join our Dog Work Program!

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Tamarack Preserve Ltd’s Bird Dog Program

We believe Tamarack’s program allowing members to shoot over their own dogs is unique among local clubs. However, the bird dog membership is perceived as a privilege because it requires a good faith relationship between the member afield and the club.

There are two major areas of concern for both the member and Tamarack. The first is safety. Tamarack is concerned about safe gun handling, awareness by the hunter afield of other shooting parties in adjacent areas, control and manageability of the dog and a guarantee that the shooting party stay in their designated hunting area. The second area of concern is the financial accountability. The fees charged for the bird dog program insure that it contributes its fair share toward the general overhead, insurance, leases, cover preparation, etc.
We caution all participants that the program will remain in existence only as long as it is successful and it runs without incident. It is incumbent on those participating to self-police themselves and their guests, adhering to basic rules, in order to insure the programs continuation.
A prospective participant will be required to be accompanied by a Tamarack employee for a hunt before being allowed afield independently. The twofold purpose of this rule is to allow the Club to evaluate the member and his or her dog and to educate the hunter to the shooting area boundaries.
Rules and Regulations

No party shall consist of more than three guns. If the owner/handler is shooting, there may be only two other guns in the party. If a member wishes to go afield with extra people in the party, this must be cleared with Tamarack beforehand. Everyone in the field, shooter or non-shooter, must have a signed release on file at the clubhouse. Club ammo must be used and blaze orange must be worn by all.

Shooting parties must stay within the bounds of the assigned fields
at all times.

Tamarack shares usage of the fields with hikers, bikers, cross country skiers, and horseback riders. Please be acutely aware of other activity when afield.
Field hunts are scheduled for either morning or afternoon sessions.

Morning sessions generally begin between 9:00am and 10:00am. All morning shoots must be completed with hunters out of the field and back at the clubhouse by 12:00pm at the latest.
Afternoon sessions begin no earlier than 1:30pm and must be completed by ½ hour before sunset or 4:30pm, whichever is earlier.

All hunts will originate at the clubhouse and members are required to return to the clubhouse upon conclusion of their hunt and report the results of their hunt to the front desk.
Hunts can range from the pursuit of carry-over birds, to the member stocking their own birds, or having Tamarack release birds in the designated cover prior to the hunt. Birds released can be Pheasants, Chukar Partridge, or Hungarian Partridge, and any number of birds can be taken.

Please make reservations at least 24 hours in advance and let us know your preference for birds. As there is more field demand on the weekend, please provide as much lead time as possible.
Fee Schedule:
• There is a $750.00 charge for the season with unlimited field access from September 1st – April 15th
• If you foresee only hunting occasionally, then you may pay on a per hunt basis of $150.00.
• If birds are stocked by Tamarack or the hunter, the price will be based on a per bird released basis. If no birds are released then a charge will be based on number of birds shot. (Please note that birds shot and not retrieved should be reported as shot!)
• If Tamarack is requested to stock birds, there will be a $35.00 stocking fee regardless of how many birds are released.

Bird Prices
Pheasant $26.00 per bird
Chukar Partridge $22.00 per bird
Hungarian Partridge $23.00 per bird

We hope that all participants of the bird dog program will respect its uniqueness and hunt with safety and field etiquette as priority.