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Fall Tune up with Ted McCue

Ted McCue, recognized as handler of the year at the 2017 Cocker Nationals, will be available on the morning of September 8th and 9th for tuning up your hunting partner (4-legged). The fee will be $75 per half plus whatever birds are utilized for training your dog.


First Half
Obedience, trained retrieve,
and introduction to steadiness.
This portion is a good starting point for all dogs and a good review for more advanced dogs.

Second Half
Introduction to field work
This portion is intended for dogs who have completed the training in the first half (obedient and deliver to hand). Many handlers whose dogs haven’t completed trained retrieve and obedience will find this section informative even if their dog isn’t ready to start this training.

Handlers should bring: whistle, 6 foot dog lead, chain collar,
e-collar (if they have one), water bowl and water, crate for the dog.

Class is limited to 10 handler and dog teams.
Sign up soon to secure your spot!
Dogless observers are welcome!