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Fishing Lodge Guidelines

Tuesday, May 11th 2021

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As the weather improves and summer approaches, the demand for the use of the fishing lodge at Turkey Hollow is increasing. Please be aware of the following guidelines concerning the usage of the fishing lodge.


  • Usage of the Fishing Lodge and adjacent area will be limited to reservation only.
  • There is a midday time slot until 3:30 pm and an afternoon/evening slot available from 5:00 pm on.
  • Members are permitted to reserve an entire day but will have to be responsible for the fee for both slots.
  • Catering and/or staffing is available with a two-week notice, the price for which will be quoted individually.
  • Members must provide their own alcoholic beverages as Tamarack’s liquor license does not extend to the Fishing Lodge.
  • There is no camping allowed at the Fishing Lodge.



Fees are as follows:

$125.00 per time slot for a picnic

$250 per time slot for a party


Please reserve as early as your schedule permits