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Field Etiquette and Safety Guidelines

1.) All People afield for walk-ups must be wearing blaze orange. (Hat, Vest, or Jacket)

2.) Safe and proper gun handling is a must! Safeties must be on at all times for walk-up shooting. When walking with a loaded gun the muzzle should always be pointed up and away from everyone. Any individual who is unsafe afield may be dismissed from a shoot or walk-up.There is NO excuse for unsafe gun handling or mistakes!

3.) Never shoot over anyone’s head, including dogs!

4.) No birds are ever to be shot on the ground, including “Cripples”

5.) Be sure of the gauge of your shotgun and that you have proper ammo for that gauge

6.) Only break open shotguns (Over and Under or Side by Side) are allowed in the field.

7.) Anyone afield for walk-up hunting should pick up empty shells after shooting. During walk-ups and other hunts NEVER shoot across a road. Please be aware that there are horseback riders and hikers that use our property also. Please be friendly and courteous

8.) Guides have complete authority and control afield and will enforce our safety requirements. Anyone unsafe will be dismissed from a hunt or shoot!

9.) If a situation ever arises that is unsafe or questionable in your mind, DON’T SHOOT! Remember: Safety First!!!

Don’t sacrifice a wonderful memorable experience for a bad decision!